, the online journal that helps you find out if you have been in contact with an infected person, has been launched

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of 8 voluntarily self-isolated friends in Bucharest launched in less than 24 hours, an online-journal like app that enables anyone to record and track all interactions with other people (name, phone number, context), as well as the places they have visited (route, time of day). is like an online journal, in the context of COVID-19. The list of persons one has interacted with can also be downloaded very easily if requested by authorities. is a civic project that helps people around the world to protect their loved ones and save valuable time in case of infection or suspected COVID-19 infection. With the help of the application users receive or send immediate notifications in case of infection with coronavirus.

Once a user introduces the people they have been in contact with lately (along with health, context and email details), both the user and each person in this circle of logged interactions will be notified when any of these contacts change in the application the status as a confirmed case of infection with COVID-19 virus. Thus, all those who are at risk of contracting the virus can immediately take the necessary measures of self-isolation and contact of the competent authorities.

At the same time, is a common database with information about those already quarantined or isolated, active or even cured. Moreover, users can check directly on the platform details about the meetings they had and the status of each person in their circle of added friends or acquaintances.

Using saves valuable time and helps limit the spread of COVID-19 virus. At this moment, all those infected with COVID-19 are required to compile a list of the people they met during the last 14 days, the areas they went to, where they traveled and with whom they have interacted. Some infected patients find it difficult to accurately remember all the details chronologically because they have to perform this memory exercise in a feverish, disorienting state.

We want to avoid this with the help of We encourage people to act in a preventive manner and to introduce interactions as they happen, so that all those who might be in danger can be informed with a single click, by changing their status into the app, following confirmation from medical tests.

We consider that we all have a great responsibility towards those we interact with directly, and even more so towards the more vulnerable people (the elderly or those with chronic diseases), whom we can put at risk without realizing. By using we help close the circle of spreading Coronavirus virus (COVID-19). Based on this objective we chose the official hashtag of our project as #CloseTheCircle.

We encourage everyone to keep track of interactions so they can inform those who may be carriers of the virus without knowing it, so that they can take the necessary action. Working together is the only way we can speed up the process of stopping the spread of the virus.
said the team.

How exactly does the app work?

Anyone with access to a laptop or phone connected to the internet can make a completely free account using their email address. Then they can start their own online journal, where they can add the meetings and places visited, both retrospectively and in real time, as they happen. In the application the user can set, as the case may be, the following statuses:

  • Active (the user is constantly leaving the house)
  • Voluntary self-isolation (voluntary, preventive, without symptoms, without being exposed to any conscious risk)
  • Imposed self-isolation (based on authorities’ recommendations, with or without symptoms, traveled to minor risk areas or had direct contact with a person with symptoms or confirmed positively with COVID-19)
  • In institutionalized quarantine (decision of the authorities, with or without symptoms, isolated in specially dedicated spaces, coming from a high risk area)
  • Hospitalized (currently confirmed positive, hospitalized)
  • Recovered (discharged, with the doctors’ consent)

The purpose of the application is to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus that has affected over 153,000 positive confirmed people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. At present, in Romania there are over 130 people confirmed positively with coronavirus, the number increasing. According to the World Health Organization on average, one person who is positively confirmed by COVID-19 could infect at least 2 others.

Why is it important to use the app?

It is difficult to remember who you came in contact with and where you went during the period when the virus, although active, does not yet produce symptoms. The risk of family, colleagues, friends also contacting the virus during this incubation period is very high. Once you've already stored this information, all the people you interacted with will be automatically notified so that they take protective measures. And this is done in record time, with just one click.

At such times it is vital to show responsibility, discipline and civic spirit. This application is completely free. Your only responsibility is to use it seriously and to understand that we are in a crisis situation where this information could make a difference. By actively recording this information we can greatly contribute to diminishing the effects of this virus and its spread in mass.
said the team.

The app development team consists of a circle of friends with experience in programming, communication, marketing, training and psychology: Lavinia and Ciprian Drăgoi, Mihaela Georgescu, Cristian Haldan, Ionica Bâznă, Victor Corcodel, Laurențiu Tașca, Aureliana Corcodel. You can support the efforts and costs of managing the application here.

The team encourages everyone who is positively confirmed with COVID-19 to immediately announce the people they have come into direct contact with. Collaborating, we can move faster and easier over this crisis situation: #CloseTheCircle.